Friday, March 5, 2010

New Flower Soft has arrived!!

Hi again,

Hope all are well and getting lots of crafting done in these cold evenings, not to mention being inspired by the lovely sunny days.
I saw it in the magazines last month and didn't expect to see it in the flesh for another while, but it arrived in Spiddal last weekend - what am I on about?? The fab new Ultra Fine Flowersoft!! And the fabby new toppers to go with it. I'm totally smitten with them. They are all on the shop site.
I'm including some pictures sent to us by Flowersoft. We had a bit of a play with it last Sunday in the shop - and it so much easier to work with than the original and that is saying a lot!!

Kerry is in Dublin on Sunday for her classes and a lot of the shop is going too!

All going well we will have some new Clarity stamps to upload to the shop site next week. The first delivery went before we had chance to put it on the shop site. I have some pictures of samples that Kerry and Phil made and these will be here on the blog in the next few days.



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