Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday 22nd June

Hi guys,

Bet ye thought we had disappeared.

Kerry is in South Africa and having a ball by the sounds of it.
Check back for updates from her.

I'm just about recovered from getting so close to Take That - they were amazing.
I don't remember them being so good looking the last time around.

My sister's wedding is less than two weeks away and the excitement (and panic) is mounting.
So if I'm distracted ye will know why.

So lots to tell ye:

  • The summer newsletter is out (on email and by snail mail)
  • I will be updating with the details of the Spiddal Summer Extravaganza later this week.
  • I have put up some details of the Great Big Craft Extravaganza (GBCE) in Athlone - check out the extravaganza button at the top.
  • The masculine challenge is now closed - thanks for all your entries - will post the entries for you all to see and get Kerry to judge from SA.
  • Details to follow of upcoming demo days
  • Pictures to come of some parchment samples from Cathy
  • Pictures of the 12x12 demo day from Phil

So lots to come in the coming days, not to mention updates to the shop site. There is some new Sizzix in and lots of sparkly goodies to be added to the website.

Bye for now


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