Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Wenesday...

....... and I've been a bad blogger.
But the upside is I'm now only one assignment behind instead of 8 and exams are over till after the holidays.

Will be posting with pictures later.

Was talking to Kerry earlier - the new Crafter's Companion glitter spray's are in and she says they are fab. Heard lots of chat about them online over the weekend - very curious to see them.

Also if you are looking for somewhere to visit over the Easter Weekend - you might want to steer your nearest & dearest westwards and you will 'just pop in for a minute' to see the great 4 Day sale at An Siopa Bui. Runs from Good Friday to Easter Monday.
Kerry says there will be lots of bargains.

So keep checking in to find out the details

Will be back later.
Have to announce challenge winner, tell ye about the next challenge and post some pictures

See ye then


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